Why Factory Built Advantages Are Leading The Way

Setting The Benchmark In Factory Built Housing

At Grandview Modular, we combine our over 45 years of industry excellence and uncompromising quality craftsmanship with professionalism and fluid communication to provide our clients with the best home-building experience available. Our dedication to quality sets us apart within our industry and has solidified Grandview’s reputation of providing unparalleled products including triple-paned windows, high-end finishings and complete construction services for our clients.


Factory vs. Site Built Homes

Unlike site-built homes, Grandview’s modular-built homes are constructed within a quality controlled manufacturing environment and then transported and built on your property by our professional team of contractors. Our premium homes go through a more rigorous inspection process than site-built homes. The benefit of this process is that if a deficiency arises, it can be quickly addressed and approved immediately. By contrast, a site-built home inspection that involves a home inspector can take weeks to approve depending on what the inspector fails. They will have to schedule tradespersons or contractors to return to the site to fix the deficiencies. In summary, it is difficult to decipher the differences between a manufactured and site-built home when they have been completed. Manufactured homes, however, are built within quicker timeframes and continue to be more efficient, providing our clients with sizable cost savings throughout their home’s build and into the future.

  • Reduced Build Times

    As all materials are stored on-site and ready to be utilized at the exact moment they are required by contractors, downtimes between construction segments are drastically reduced, allowing inspections to take place seamlessly while the other processes continue.

  • Increased Home Efficiency

    Homes built inside our manufacturing facility are constructed out of the elements of mother nature. This allows for tighter seals to be adhered, increasing your home’s heating/cooling capabilities and energy efficiency.

  • A Greener Way of Building

    Homes constructed within manufacturing plants are created using eco-friendly materials and techniques – thereby reducing material and transportation costs, overall building waste and energy usage.

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