About Grandview Modular Homes

Proud Member of the MHAPP for over 4 Decades

The Grandview Modular team provides outstanding customer service and premium customizable home options designed with attention to detail and quality craftsmanship.

We offer a variety of home types – from acreage estates, traditional and contemporary style, to cabin retreats – all of which are fully customizable and built with a level of craftsmanship that shows why we’re considered the AAA of our industry. Our team of specialists will help take your vision from concept to reality. Using a consultative and communicative approach, we’ll ensure you’re supported throughout the entire process and long after you’re living in the comforts of your new home.


45 Years in the Modular Home Building Industry

Grandview Modular Homes is an established manufacturer modular home retailer with a location in Airdrie, Alberta. Our forward-thinking building processes involve homes being uniquely designed to complement your needs and budget and the home being constructed within our quality-controlled manufacturing plant by certified professionals.

Whatever the style of home you are looking for – multi-level, traditional-styled home, contemporary home, quaint cabin retreat, Grandview’s team of specialists will help you take your vision from concept to reality. Our consultative and communicative approach ensures our customers are supported throughout their entire buying process and long after they’re living in the comforts of their new home.

The Owner, Steve Vail had the following to say about Grandview:
"The aforementioned items are truly the key differentiator in comparing our business to our competitors. Over the years we could see the gaps that customers came across when purchasing a manufactured home. We took the initiative to develop a full-service experience for our customers. The term "cookie cutter" is not a term that you would find used at Grandview. We are a custom builder and believe in supplying premium products and services to match. Why not give our customers the full experience of buying, selling, customizing, and delivery, all with the same company? We are extremely proud of everyone that works in and for our company. From our Sales Consultants, Warranty Department, Administrative Staff, Truck Drivers, Logistic Coordinators to our Contractors! They all play an important role in providing our customers with the highest level of service possible!"

Grandview Modular Team Airdrie

Progressive Home Warranty (PHW) has been partnered with Steve Vail and The Seventies Homes Canada Inc since 2014. The Seventies Homes Canada Inc has enrolled over 170 projects and PHW has completed nearly 300 site assessments. The Seventies Homes Canada Inc has proven year after year that they are one of Alberta's premier homebuilders and retailers as they have maintained a claim free builder's status. Building a quality product, while providing excellent customer service, is their primary focus and has helped expand their operations. With their wide variety of expertise, PHW has relied on them multiple times as their claims contractor of choice.

Steve Vail understands the true value of a one stop shop for his clients. From foundation to finish, The Seventies Homes Canada Inc, provides a full range of services, working closely with vetted, qualified trades and suppliers. Steve is not only focused on his local market but he is also an advocate for the Modular Housing Association Prairie Provinces 'MHAPP' currently serving as the past president. His involvement, passion, dedication for the industry and level of commitment has earned him significant respect and accolades with his peers.

The Seventies Homes Canada Inc has also earned the top tier in our warranty program. This rating reflects all aspects of business from quality construction, claims ratios and their timeliness with membership related documents. It's an honor to work with Steve and his company and we look forward to many more years of continued partnership.


John Eaton - VP Sales
Progressive Home Warranty

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