About Us
Proud Member of the Modular Housing Association; Prairie Provinces for over 4 Decades
  • Quality. In one word, that is what is most important to Grandview Modular Homes. Quality products. Quality experience. Quality service to our customers.

As a division of The Seventies Homes Canada Incorporated (since 1971), Grandview Modular Homes was created in 2008 with one purpose; to provide customers with a high quality, highly customized house for a reasonable price.

While it was an admittedly ambitious goal it was one that company President Steve Vail saw as an opportunity. By offering customers a quality product, with a high quality experience, Steve knew that he could show people that modular homes were more than just a “trailer home”.

As with any good idea, competitors rise up and attempt to provide similar product lines, but Grandview Modular Homes remains the leader in this space, by offering a superior product backed by superior customer service. Through dedicated one-on-one consultation Grandview Modular Homes takes the time to get to know customers, ensuring they are happy in the homes they’ve built.

This dedicated support, along with Grandview’s commitment to quality over quantity, removes any pressure that comes from high volume sales organizations like some of our competitors. Grandview Modular Homes ensures customers are supported throughout the entire buying process and long after they’re living in their house.

Quality homes, built by quality people who keep our customers best interests at heart, is what has made Grandview Modular Homes so successful. We are extremely proud of everyone in our company, from our truck drivers, logistic coordinators, carpenters and service writers, who each play a role in providing our customers with the highest level of service possible.